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mynt pos reviewIf you need a feature-rich POS system that works for nearly any type of business, take a look at Mynt POS. Used by quick-service restaurants and retail businesses, the provider caters to boutiques, coffee shops, food trucks, and more. Mynt provides fast transaction processing and solid reporting.

With a complete hardware solution, Mynt makes your life easy by using an all-in-one terminal with an integrated MSR, thermal receipt printer, and a heavy-duty cash register. And, process transactions with ease by using the sleekly designed terminal.

Create your menu with Mynt, populated with SKUs (if you have any) which the support team will help you with during onboarding. Accept all payment types with secure EMV chip cards. Other payment features include custom payments, gratuity, split checks, discounts, quick tender, and more.

After a detailed Mynt POS review, we found the system’s digital menus to be the best feature. With this module, you’re able to showcase your menu on large and visual monitors, encouraging customers to order more than what they initially came in for. In a way, Mynt encourages upselling for quick-service businesses.

What’s more, Mynt can be integrated with your website for online ordering. With a solid loyalty program, you can offer gift cards or use a point system to encourage customers to come back. Need to manage employees? The software has a built-in time clock and scheduling feature to track labor hours.

With customized table-service features and a powerful reservations platform, Mynt POS has a lot to offer. Let’s take a look at some other features and why this system deserves a closer look.

Who’s Mynt POS?

It’s worth noting up-front that describing Mynt POS as a company is difficult because of a near-total lack of information. There is none of the usual information about the company website you would expect to find.

There is no “about us” page that describes the company or its history. There is no listing of the leadership team. There are no links to active social media accounts. In short, it doesn’t present itself as much of a company at all.

Key Features

The Mynt POS appears to come in two different versions. One would be a standard POS solution that could be used in restaurants or retail environments with six broad categories of functionality: Payments, seating, items, reporting, back office, and printing.

But another page of the website speaks of an “enterprise” solution for serious restaurants that is powered by Auphan software (a Canadian company offering various solutions, including a POS solution).

Mynt Enterprise is positioned as a POS solution for multi-location, franchise QSRs and traditional table service restaurants. Its more modern features include online ordering, digital signage, mobile ordering and payment, loyalty/gift cards, time clock and scheduling, reservations management, and inventory management.

Potential Mynt POS Drawbacks

There are next to no user reviews of Mynt POS available online. One did mention being dissatisfied with the product because of poor onboarding and configuration support.

When the user decided not to move forward and returned the system, there were “numerous return charges.”

Mynt POS Pricing

The Mynt POS website says the company believes in 100% transparency and no hidden fees. It positions its pricing as a simple, straightforward monthly subscription-based solution.

However, in the FAQ area of the pricing page, it notes that a 1-year commitment is required. Actual pricing information is not provided, so potential customers would want to contact the company directly.

Mynt POS Requirements

The company website for Mynt POS notes that everything needed is provided, including the software, an all-in-one terminal, integrated MSR, integrated thermal receipt printer, and a heavy-duty cash drawer. All hardware comes with a lifetime warranty on active accounts.

Perhaps the most important thing to note, given that the website does not go into details about requirements, is this clearly-stated FAQ note: “all Mynt POS systems require an active internet connection to function.”

Mynt POS Features and Capabilities

The division between a standard Mynt POS and Mynt Enterprise is not a clear one. The first six features listed below appear to apply to the standard POS offering, followed by a single-entry listing of features that appear to apply only to the Enterprise solution.


Tips are easily accepted on credit card payments, or you can opt for an automatic gratuity charge based on the number of guests at a table. An unlimited number of payment types can be created to cover all the bases (checks, vouchers or gift certificates, and so on).

Checks can easily be split among multiple customers. Charge accounts can be set up for regulars. Discounts can be set up as a percentage of a total sale or specific dollar amounts and configured on the fly. Checkouts can be done in a few as 4 taps of the screen, or in a matter of seconds using the custom Quick Tender button.


Table layouts can be customized to match a restaurant’s physical seating areas. The table layout view shows available tables, occupied tables, and what has been ordered at occupied tables.

Specific seating areas can be set up with their own custom pricing if desired. Tabs can quickly be opened for each customer, and even shifted between tables when needed.

Item Creation and Customization

Items can be created or modified from any Mynt POS station and the change automatically roll out to all stations of a given location. Include add-on items for any item in order to drive up-sales.

Use item modifiers to customize orders to suit customer requests and inform the kitchen staff how to prepare an order. Items can be color-coded or include custom images so staff can find items easily to speed up taking orders.

Tax rates can be customized for standard percentage sales tax, per item tax, or even based on the volume of the item. Grouped taxes functionality means multiple taxes can be grouped together, allowing it to handle complex taxes for items such as liquor or glass bottles with multiple taxes beyond standard sales tax.


20+ standard Mynt POS reports can be run on any desired date range (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or a custom date range). The end of day report includes daily sales and an optional list of items sold.

Receipts can be searched for reprinting purposes or for refunds. Any report can be exported as a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet. Built-in graphing helps you visualize key data. User accounts mean you can run individual employee performance reports.


The Mynt POS backoffice functions are supported in 10 different languages. A few taps allow for switching from standard pricing to special pricing (such as for happy hour). Managers can bring up any past transaction to void the sale and reverse charges, including completed sales.

Set user permissions to control how much any given employee can access the system. Inventory tracking can include automatic purchase order generation based on items sold.


In addition to the standard receipt printer, the Mynt POS allows for using up to six more remote printers. You can specify what items will print where, and even have items print at multiple printers.

Add notes to order to make sure kitchen staff understand guest requests. You can specify which payment types get a printed receipt to save paper. Printed receipts can include your company logo as well as a customized message at the top or bottom of the receipt.

Mynt Enterprise Features

The Mynt Enterprise POS solution appears to be a higher-powered version, though details are scarce beyond simply listing some features without any further detail.

These include online ordering, reservations management, digital signage, mobile ordering and payment, inventory management, time clock and scheduling, and loyalty/gift cards.

Customer Service and Technical Support

On the “buy” page of the website, the FAQ area notes “all active accounts receive free 24/7 technical support.” However, when you visit the support page of the website, you’ll first see a variety of online resources for Getting Started, Support Articles, Software Configuration, and Common Questions (with a grand total of six minor questions).

If you click on “contact support,” you can get support via chat or telephone. It also says normal business hours support is M-F 6:00am-4:00pm PST and that “After hour support is available for emergency purposes.”

The telephone number listed is not a toll-free number. The Mynt Enterprise version of the POS says it comes with 24/7/365 USA-based technical support.

Our Final Verdict

It would be difficult to justify putting Mynt POS on any short-list of viable POS solutions. The near-total lack of key information is of serious concern. Conflicting information about customer and technical support availability is a concern.

In the final analysis, what you’re left with is a long list of concerns rather than excitement about a robust POS System.

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