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best retail posTo effectively manage a retail business, a store manager must deal with constant inventory, managing employees, measuring profit margins, and keeping the lines moving. In order to do all of that successfully, a retail establish needs retail POS software to manage, measure, and automate various tasks around the business.

A retail POS system helps manage in-store operations but can also be used as a sales tool by integrating with your eCommerce operation. This includes your various third-party sales channels like eBay or Amazon and your very own online store.

Whether you own a jewelry store, a gift shop, or even a clothing store, mobility is highly important in a retail business. More importantly, you need a cloud-based POS system that’s fast and easy to train your employees on.

Easily accept credit cards (and be in full PCI compliance), track your sales, issue gift cards, provide a central time clock for your employees, and manage your customers’ purchase histories.

Want to skip right to best retail POS system? Take a look at Korona POS. This cloud-based POS system offers inventory management and real-time reporting features like no other software provider in the industry. Korona’s software also offers really fast transaction speeds, which will help your retail business focus on customer service.

Let’s dive into the top retail POS systems that can help you minimize training time and increase profits.

The Top 10 Retail POS Systems for 2021

Call-in Quote
$49/month per terminal
Depends on preferred gateway
Depends on the hardware components you need
From $99/Month
2.75% for invoice and swiped transactions
3.5% +$0.15 for Keyed-in transactions
2.5% + 10¢ to 2.75%
$1000 – $1200,
Depending on terms at purchase
From $14/Month
Depends on preferred gateway
Depends on preferred gateway
From $9/Month
Between 2.4 and 2.9 percent
Depends on preferred gateway
From $24/month for each additional register
From $39/Month
Depends on preferred gateway
From $79/Month per register
Depends on preferred gateway

1. Korona – Best POS System for Any-Size Retail Business

KORONA built specific software for retail management. The technology is designed to make business easier to run with automation tools, inventory management, and vast sales reports and product data.

Plus, the experience has been crafted to be straightforward and user-friendly. The vast array of tools and features are simple to learn how to use and implement into a new and existing business of any size or niche. Its scalable features allow for greater flexibility in all operations of business.


KORONA comes with standard inventory features built to handle a large product catalog. There is no maximum allowed inventory or POS users. Product data can be easily uploaded to the system and edited when a product needs to be changed/added/deleted.

The strongest aspect of the inventory system lies with its automation. Product notifications, ordering, vendor management, invoicing, and more can all be automated to improve accuracy and efficiency.

Transaction Time

KORONA boasts the fastest transaction speed in the industry. Users rarely have issues with any transaction and are able to get through long lines remarkably quickly.

During the busiest times of the day, retail stores need a system that they can rely on. KORONA does that for both the cashiers and the customers, providing a seamless checkout experience. Their diverse set of hardware options also provide retailers with choice in this aspect of the business. In particular, this system is excellent for hardware stores or gift shops.

Cloud-Based System

As one of the first POS systems to pioneer the cloud-based model instead of a traditional legacy system, KORONA offers a secure and reliable software.

All data is stored in remote servers, keeping it off-site and allowing users to access the data from their backend system. This can be done with any internet-connected device from any location so owners and managers no longer have to be on location to see accurate, real-time data.

Multi-Store & eCommerce

KORONA is designed for any type of shop. And when a smaller location is ready to scale up, KORONA is ready to grow together. Product data can be transferred with just a few clicks, making the process easy.

Its WooCommerce integration makes expanding the omnichannel shopping experience simple and straightforward. All product data between brick and mortar locations and online is consolidated into a single system. With powerful data and analytics, retailers can see individual store performance or a broader picture of the entire operation.

Employee Management

KORONA comes with features to help retail businesses manage their employees and improve individual performance. Shift reports, employee permission levels, anti-theft features, and overall ease of use help ensure that vape shops are getting the very best productivity from their employees.

Product Reports

Vast data analysis through KORONA’s custom KPI reporting means that stores can better break down important data into digestible pieces. Users can customize their sales by employee, season, time of day or week, promotion, and a whole lot more. These allow you to plan discounts and pricing and adjust your product ordering accordingly.


KORONA’s software integrates with a variety of hardware options. Terminals can come in many forms, including touchscreen self-check kiosks, customer facing desktops, and tablets. 

Plus, KORONA integrates with all modern payment systems including contactless and EMV terminals. The payment system does not include processing, so users can use any major merchant service solution of their choice.


The retail point of sale comes as a subscription service. Users pay a monthly fee for each terminal that is in use, though the number of individual users is unlimited.

Pricing starts at $49/month. This can be paid monthly or in an annual sum at a discounted rate. The subscription comes with no hidden fees, additional costs, or contractual agreements. And there are no cancellation penalties of any kind.

Customer Support

All customer support, training and set-up is included in this price. KORONA’s team of product specialists is available by phone, chat, and email. In cases of emergency, they’re also available by phone 24/7.

Better yet, KORONA’s in-house support team will be there for you from day one. Free trial users can schedule a personalized demo with their own data to see exactly how the software will look and behave. This lets users know exactly what they’re purchasing before spending anything.

2. POS Nation – Easy to Use Retail Management System

POS Nation is trusted by thousands of small businesses nationwide. The company provides retailers with an all-in-one point of sale solution that includes everything they need to run their store and grow their business.

Inventory Management

CAP Retail by POS Nation streamlines inventory management for retailers of all sizes. The software’s database can hold an endless number of products with no SKU limit, making inventory management a breeze. And for an advanced hands-off approach, stock reorder points, low inventory notifications, and automatic purchase orders can all be set up by the user.

Customized Hotkeys

CAP Retail by POS Nation makes it easy to create colorful and easy-to-find hotkeys with product images. Cashiers can quickly navigate products rather than sorting through PLU numbers at checkout. Hotkeys help eliminate cashier errors and reduce checkout time.

Customer Loyalty and Sales History

Retailers can benefit from having a customer loyalty program, and CAP Retail by POS Nation makes the setup and management of a program easier than ever. Store customer contact information such as phone number, email, and mailing address in the system. You can also track each customer’s buying patterns and purchase history in the same place. Then, when the time comes to send out coupons and run promotions, you can make these deals customized to what your customers like. CAP Retail by POS Nation can support retaining new customers and winning new business.

Customizable Tags and Barcodes

Local shops and boutiques often have non-barcoded items in stock. But when it comes to making the sale, having labels and a barcode scanner is a game-changer. CAP Retail by POS Nation allows retailers to create custom labels and tags in one click. The built-in label tool lets the user decide the quantity and size of the barcodes. From there, all that’s left to do is print, attach, and scan!

Business Management

CAP Retail by POS Nation makes it easy to get a hold of the financial status of your operations. If you’re new to in-depth business reporting, the software comes with over 55 prebuilt reports with additional customization options available. Analyze reports on every aspect of your business, and export them in any format you’d like.

Additional Features:

  • Employee management with scheduling and role-based permissions
  • E-commerce integration and sales tracking
  • Gift card and coupons system
  • Security baked in to prevent hackers and other threats

3. Vend – Feature-Packed Software for Retail Stores

Vend POS is aimed at retailers who want to add new storefronts without adding new headaches.

No one ever said “I want a successful business, but not too successful.” When you’re ready for your second, or third, or twelfth Grand Opening, Vend won’t say no.



Vend plays nicely with other software services. If you like its list of features, but there’s that one must-have for your business that you can’t see to find, Vend probably has an API integration for it.

Reporting Suite

Businesses don’t grow in the dark. with advanced reporting, you can drill down into any detail of your operation to get the insights you need.


ALL the payments. Vend provides support for discounts, line item notes, bundles, variants, returns, refunds, store credit, layaway, gift cards, NFC transactions, and split payments.

Automated Stock Orders

You can’t sell what you don’t have. And being short-stocked can discourage repeat business. But with automated stock orders, your best sellers will always be on the shelf.

eCommerce integrations

Vend also shakes hands with completely separate systems, as well. If your business got its start online (for example) Vend can easily import and sync all of your inventory, sales, and customer records.

Connect with the most popular eCommerce shopping carts like Shopify and Woocommerce.

Custom Receipts

Yes, even your receipts can be a branding position. Add your logo or a custom message to your receipts to stand out at every opportunity.


Vend works online, and syncs automatically after an internet outage. Vend has software clients for iPad, Mac, and PC, all of which tie in seamlessly with whatever hardware you need.

Choose from several hardware packages for your new store, or choose hardware a la carte for more specific needs.

Multi-store And Multichannel Selling

As stated, Vend is aimed at retailers with multiple storefronts. But since business is increasingly done on mobile devices, Vend will also connect with your online storefronts. Vend POS does an amazing job with Multichannel selling (Source), which is very important in the retail industry.


Vend offers a free 30-day trial of is software. After that, options $99/mo for the Lite version, geared for one store, and $129/mo for the Pro version, geared for 1 to 6 stores.

Enterprise plans are also available.

Customer Service

Vend provides the usual plethora of onboarding, FAQ, and self-help options, including email, live chat, a Knowledge Base, and Vend University, as well as a more personal touch from Professional Services experts (for an added fee).

Downside to Vend

Vend is a little shy on some of the advanced features offered by the industry leaders. In the unlikely event that you need “crisis management” customer service, priority support will cost you.

4. Square – POS System for Small Retail Stores

Square is arguably the industry standard, but not necessarily the best option for everyone.



Square has offered some of the most reliable and most stylish hardware since nearly its beginning. In fact, “Square” is nearly synonymous with said hardware in the mind of many early adopters.

Choose from starter bundles for a variety of business types, or hand-select just the pieces you need.

Inventory Control

While it’s not the equal of most Warehouse Management Systems, the inventory control offered by Square will allow you to do just about every common task, right from the dashboard.

CRM Features

Square makes it easy to track purchase histories, see buying trends, and send digital receipts through its integrated Customer Directory.

Custom Invoicing

Send professional invoices from your browser dashboard, or even your phone, with just a few clicks.


For an additional fee, you can craft email marketing campaigns or social media campaigns, right from within Square.


Are you in the service industry? Most POS systems are geared toward retail, but Square doesn’t sell you short. As of the date of this article, many of the services you need are free for individuals and are scalable as your business grows.


Square is… free? Free-ish. Many competitors offer less, and charge much more.

The basic POS app is indeed free, but you’ll keep them in business through transaction fees. The exact fees you’ll encounter vary by the hardware you use, and are as follows: 2.5% + 10¢ for Square Register, 2.6% + 10¢ for Square Terminal, and 2.75% for Square Readers and Stand.

Customer Service

Square offers the common self-help options, including a forum, Knowledge Base, videos, and articles.

If you need more intensive support, the email ticket method is best for less-urgent issues, and reps are generally reported to be friendly and exceedingly knowledgeable.

There is also personal support by phone, during normal business hours.

Downside to Square

Reports on Square’s customer service vary widely, which is to be expected with such a well-established user base. The most common complaint is over merchant funds commonly being held, which is a deal-breaker for some small businesses.

5. Clover Station – Best Retail POS System for Small Business

Clover POS for Retail StoresClover has a bit of a different perspective on the POS industry. While some vendors keep adding more and more functionality, Clover’s software is largely outsourced to an App Marketplace. In stark contrast, its hardware is entirely proprietary.

Conceptually, we understand the logic; open-source software is some of the best, because it’s easily iterative by the most dedicated software engineers around the world, while hardware needs to be static, reliable, and more tightly controlled.


Apps Marketplace

Clover connects with a ton of well-established third-party apps. Top names include MailChimp, Yelp, Xero, DocuSign, and Quickbooks.

Staff Management Tools

Each user can access their own time clock, and managers can customize permissions associated with each employee’s login. Sales stats for their entire team can also be viewed at a glance.

Cash Management

Customers can discreetly set their own tip percentage, and tips can be pooled for equal distribution, or allocated to the specific employee serving the customer. For salespeople, custom commissions rules can also be set.

Advanced Reporting

Clover’s reporting tools can track your best-selling products, your employee’s performance metrics, refund and discount volume, and even a breakdown of the busiest (and most profitable) time of day for your store.

CRM Features

With built-in CRM tools, you can engage prospective customers or entice existing ones to come back for a visit. You can also gather invaluable customer feedback, and possibly move to correct any issues, before you get negative reviews.


Prices for a complete Clover setup can vary, depending on the banking institution you partner with. Check with your local business bankers to see if they offer Clover Station and ask about the transaction rates and hardware bundles they offer.

Generally, the hardware will cost you between $1000 and $1200 for one terminal. The software subscriptions are currently $14/mo for the lite version, and $29/mo for the full version, plus applicable transaction fees.

Customer Service

Getting the assistance you need for Clover Station can be tricky. Do you call your merchant account provider, or First Data (Clover’s parent company)? With the many apps you’re likely to spring for, how can you be sure which one is causing problems?

Your options are recommended in this order:

  • Self-help:
    • FAQ
    • User guides
    • Articles
    • Videos
  • Call your own Merchant Services provider
  • Call First Data

Downside to Clover Station

Starting up is not a small matter. With propriety hardware, your budget will take a hit before you can even take the system for a trial run.

Coupled with the many extra steps to secure the best price from your local merchant account providers, starting out with Clover for the first time is a full-time job. After that, though, onboarding gets much easier.

6. Revel Systems – Retail POS with Inventory Management

Revel POS For RetailRevel is an ultra-savvy POS and requires a commensurately savvy business owner to tackle it. If that’s you, then get ready for one of the top POS alternatives to Shopify.


Second Screen Pairing

The Revel POS iPad app can pair with a second, customer-facing screen. This rare feature can be used to ensure order accuracy, for easy input of customer data, or to enter discreet tip amounts.

Reporting And Analytics

More than just a data aggregator, the reporting features allow you to track your inventory, reordering, sales, top selling products, and most profitable times of day, all from one dashboard.


Revel Systems integrates with a slew of top-notch third-party providers. Get plugins to bolster your accounting, eCommerce, payment gateways, employee management, and a whole lot more.

CRM And Loyalty Programs

Create custom rewards programs that are perfectly suited to your business, your customers, and your products.

Staff Management

Revel allows you to track time clocks (including overtime), assign tasks, manage schedules, and set individual permissions – right from the dashboard.

Inventory Management

Revel knows that each type of business requires its own inventory tracking. Restaurants need ingredient trackers, and clothiers need matrix inventories.

While Revel may be a better fit for mid-sized businesses, any type of business can appreciate its array of features.

Extra Industry-Specific Features

Revel does not leave anyone out; less-common features come standard, like table management for restaurants and delivery management for door-to-door service.


The pricing for Revel is customized to the user’s specific industry and sales volume. Prices are reportedly higher than average, but then again, Revel offers higher than average functionality.

Customer Service

The customer support options offered by Revel are fairly impressive, with a few unheard-of perks.

There are onboarding and troubleshooting videos, articles, and FAQ, but the level of personal attention offered by Revel puts them a cut above most other vendors. Choose from email, phone, web ticket, remote assistance, and even on-site assistance. Some of these methods will incur an additional fee.

Downside to Revel Systems

As stated, Revel is not for the faint of heart. Initial setup and onboarding can be a bit of a beast. But while it might not be “best in class” off the starting line, its top speed certainly is.

7. Shopify POS – Retail POS for eCommerce & Physical Stores

Shopify got its start in the eCommerce space and earned a solid reputation there for its Shopping Cart software. It was a small leap to bring this expertise over to the brick-and-mortar side of sales. Its borrowed reputation does not disappoint.



Since Shopify is no stranger to the commerce game, their usual array of payment options carries over to their POS. Split payments, split tenders, custom payment types, gift cards, and store credit are all enabled.

Custom Everything

Custom payments, line items, hardware, receipts, order notes, discount rules, reports, shopping options (online with discounted shipping, in-person pickup, returns, and exchanges… you get the picture.


Shopify can utilize a wide range of hardware and includes some rarer options that you won’t find with most other POS systems. Among those options are an integrated WiFi camera for store security, and free shipping and 30-day returns on all hardware.


While not the most advanced reporting capabilities in comparison with the competition, Shopify’s reporting and analytic tools are enough for most small businesses (and some mid-sized ones).


Like most newer POS releases, Shopify can maintain a database of your clients, their shopping history, promotion responsiveness, and contact information, all of which can streamline your sales if properly monitored.

Inventory Managment

A strangely disproportionate number of e-tailers are selling clothing – partcularly t-shirts. As a result, Shopify has thoroughly answered the feature requests from clothing retailers. Its matrix inventory systems, custom collections, and organization filters are top-notch.


Shopify has several affordable tiers of service, each with its own features and commensurate pricing. Prices start from a mere $9/mo and have several tiers all the way up to $299/mo. Credit card rates range from 2.7% + 0¢ to 2.4% + 0¢, depending on your plan and sales volume.

Each plan can be tested for free for 14 days.

Customer Service

Shopify reps can be reached 24/7 by live chat, email, and phone. Self-help options are better than most, which include forums, FAQ, user guides, tutorials, and even an eCommerce University.

Downside to Shopify POS

There aren’t a lot of accounting features available for Shopify. The only mentions of it on their site are integrations with various accounting providers, like Quickbooks and Xero.

8. Retail Pro – All-Encompassing Retail CRM

Some people just need to have it their own way. Retail Pro gets it. That’s why their value proposition is on customization.

Retail Pro is a trusted POS for many brands which have carefully crafted their identity, such as Oakley and Calvin Klein.



Praise for Retail Pro is almost always headlined by its deep customization options, from the POS screen to the inventory labels and custom fields.

Real-time Reporting

With every sale or return, the inventory levels reported for your store will be updated on the fly. You won’t have to wait until the end of he day to see exact stock levels or sales volume.

Staff Management

Retail Pro has a suite of features to serve both all levels of employees. Cashiers and salespeople can utilize the time clock (and managers can track absences and tardies), and employee performance and commission goals can be monitored.

Go Global

One of the notable differences between this POS and most others is its focus on globalization. Retail Pro comes preloaded with 18 languages and supports almost any currency. Exchange rates and inter-national tax rates are also automatically calculated.

Multichannel Selling

Retail Pro can fully integrate with online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Your inventory levels and sales data all remain synced, too.

Purchasing Options

Easily manage gift cards, store credit, and gift certificates – support for each individual location or every location throughout a chain.


There are three versions to Retail Pro: the Small Business edition, Chain edition, and the Global edition.

While pricing info is very difficult to nail down for either version, most reports generally indicate that the price point leaves something to be desired.The lack of pricing transparency and the service subscription tiers are both extremely uncommon in the industry.

The subscription tiers do offer the entire suite of features, with the only difference between them being the local vs global positioning. This “feature generosity” may be the reason for the pricing obscurity. Keep in mind that most people won’t use ALL the features for their plan, but they will pay the same as one who does.

Customer Service

Customer service for Retail Pro is generally positive, starting with over 800 high-quality training videos.

Downside to Retail Pro

There are many reports from existing users stating that the software is very slow, and equally slow to receive updates. many users also bemoan a lackluster reporting feature.

9. Epos Now – Free Retail POS System

epos retail pos systemOne of the newer players in the POS scene, Epos Now is an impressive release from the UK. It focuses on being a “whole package” solution, with an emphasis on scalability.


Complete System

Epos Now is a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs and small business owners to get their hardware systems in place with a minimal amount of fuss.


The Epos hardware setup is one of the biggest draws for the company. The hardware is professional grade, including solid state drives, hydrophobic touch screen, and modern CPU – all with countertop retail in mind.

The POS display has a card reader and customer display built in and can sit atop an all-metal cash drawer.

API integrations

Though they may position themselves as a complete solution, that doesn’t mean they do everything. A lot of essential software services are not strictly POS-specific, but they do need to be linked.

The Epos team allows an open API, so you can connect virtually any extras that your business needs.


The Epos team claims they will help you migrate from any system over to the Epos Now Platform, including all of the data for your products, inventory, and even customer profiles.

Back Office

The dashboard can be accessed from a desktop PC, or from any mobile device. Store owners won’t be in the dark when out of the office. More than a mobile reporting screen, almost all office functions can be performed on the go.


Easily import customer information to create custom-tailored marketing email, track purchases, manage store credit, and much more.


Epos Now offers a generous 30-day “try before you buy” policy.

Plans start from $39/mo and increase with additional features, additional support, and additional registers.

Enterprise plans are available, with custom price quotes provided by a specialist.

Customer Service

Self-help support includes web ticket, built-in “getting started” guide, FAQ, and general tech support by phone or email.

Personalized support costs extra, at a minimum of $39/mo.

Users can upgrade to Premium support for $54/mo, which includes 24/7 phone support.

Downside to Epos Now

The US-side of Epos Now is struggling to catch up to the quality of customer service provided by its UK-based headquarters.

10. Springboard Retail – Retail POS System for iPad

springboard POSLast, but not least, on our list is Springboard Retail. Springboard positions itself toward medium-sized businesses that are poised for growth and is therefore feature-rich and commensurately pricey.


Multi-store Management

Springboard allows you to manage several retail locations easily, including reports on sales, inventory, and staff. Or, you can easily drill down to view the details of any individual location.

Promotions Management

Easily set up your system to handle gift cards, sales, coupons, and segmented marketing through its CRM functions.


Springboard Retail partners with POS Portal for its hardware bundles, for those who want a comprehensive upgrade. For everyone else, Springboard prides itself on being “hardware agnostic,” meaning that it will work seamlessly on any web-enabled device, from Macs to PCs to tablets.

Inventory Control

As a POS serving larger businesses, the inventory features offered by Springboard are a bit more robust than most of the competition. Each product can be set with a custom reorder point, for example, and this threshold can be unique for every store location.

Warehouse Management

While not a full-fledged WMS, Springboard does offer a few nice features for managing your warehouse operations. Inventory transfers, bin locations, and inventory tracking are all included.


There are three pricing/feature tiers for Springboard Retail. With each upgrade, you get better support, an increase is customization options, and upgraded features (like automation).

Prices start from $99/mo for the “Plus” plan, $139/mo for the “Professional” plan, and Springboard offers custom pricing for Enterprise-sized operations.

Customer Service

The levels of customer service differ by the pricing tier you subscribe to.

Every subscription level has access to a reasonable volume of articles, for most troubleshooting and training issues. There is also a live chat option found on the homepage of their website, which may be sufficient for quick answers.

For more personalized assistance, phone support becomes available with the Professional plan an above.

Downside to Springboard Retail

Springboard has a few notable feature gaps, including the lack of any real loyalty program. It is also geared very specifically for retail, rather than for foodservice or other service-centric businesses.

Its price is also prohibitive, especially for smaller businesses. Finally, the API options are far more limited for integration of additional software.

Retail POS Buyer’s Guide

An in-line breakdown of all the best POS players is incredibly useful. But if you’re in the market for an upgrade or a switch, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To help you find the POS that best suits your business, here’s an overview of the features available in a POS. Just like with restaurant POS systems, not every retail system will have every feature.

Accept Payments

The primary function of a POS is to enable to you accept payment for your goods and services. This includes managing cash, checks, credit cards (magnetic strip and chips), NFC methods like Apple Pay, and gift cards.

Track Sales

View the sales you made in a given day, week, or any specified time frame. See which items are selling most or least well. A POS will also enable you to track returns and exchanges.

Track Customers

A POS with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features will enable you to easily see your customers’ purchase histories, which will make returns and exchanges much easier. These features will also enable you to craft more fine-tuned promotional campaigns.


In addition to a way to scan credit cards, POS systems often include cash drawers, barcode scanners, receipt printers, label makers, and of course the screen interface itself.

Promotions Management

While most marketing is not done from the POS terminal, POS software also has a “back office” dashboard mode where managers and marketing professionals can use the sales and customer data collected by the system to craft strategic sales and marketing campaigns. This is also where the rules and rewards for loyalty programs can be set up.

API Integrations

There are a lot of software vendors out there provided software services which are related to POS systems, but rarely integrated natively. Your POS system can be connected to these additional features through an API connection.

Staff Management

Right at your terminal, where your sales floor staff will generally stay, there are many features for making your employees’ workflows more streamlined. They will be able to clock in, and access only those POS functions which are enabled for their unique login.

Inventory Management

When you make sales, a critical function of a retail POS system is to automatically adjust your computerized inventory levels. You will always be able to see exactly what has been sold, and how many you have left in stock.

Some systems will also automatically reorder new stock when your inventory drops to a set lower threshold.

Reporting And Analytics

Retail stores do not thrive in the dark. The more light you can shed on your operations, the better they will run. With advanced reporting and analytic capabilities, you will be able to get detailed information on virtually any aspect of your in-store operations.


Software providers like Quickbooks are household names. A POS system will not entirely replace those mainstays but will keep your books on track day to day.

Many systems integrate into your full-fledged accounting software, while others will simply enable you to make informed decisions based on routine accounting operations.

Customized Receipts And Label Printing

Part of operating a retail store is making it as easy as possible for your customers to make purchases. To that end, POS systems often come with the hardware and software required to create labels that reflect your brand, and scanners to ring up bar codes on your products.


Nearly every software vendor out there serves two functions: providing you the product (the software itself) and providing you the service (the technical support to train your staff and troubleshoot problems as they arise).

If your customers are ready to purchase but your system goes down, you’ll likely lose not only that sale, but any repeat business that customer may have represented. It is important that you’re able to get in touch with the technical support you need, when you need it, to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Our Final Take

As mentioned above, the retail POS system you choose will have to be customized for your operation. As a retail manager or business owner, you’ll want a system that’s packed with features such as inventory management, gift cards, customer loyalty, purchase history, and more.

Now that you’re fully equipped to do some serious system shopping, check out our more comprehensive reviews on each POS system that made your short list.

Choosing a POS system can be a difficult decision, but we're here to assist you. We don't just review POS systems; we provide complete buyer's guides that are tailored to your business type. Reach out to us to see how we've helped more than 5,000 business owners with POS solutions!