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golf course pos systemsGolf courses need to manage Tsheets, appointments, and food and beverage choices. A  golf course POS system can help with managing all of those.

The right golf course management system will make it easier for you to come up with tee sheets that are best suited for the course, and foster transparency. However, such systems not only manage customers but also employees.

Based on our research, LightSpeed Golf is the best golf course POS system.

It allows golf course owners to create their own tee sheet bookings and view their account statements online. The system will also consolidate monthly food and beverage, and pro shop transactions for each customer.

If you are ready to cut costs and increase profit margins, let’s review the top golf course POS systems.

Comparing the Best Golf Course POS Systems

Depends on the hardware components you need
From $99/month + $59 for each additional register
Depends on your preferred payment processor
Varies from one merchant to another
From $850 for installation and training
Contact the provider for a rate
Not disclosed on the official website

1. The Best Golf Course POS System: Lightspeed Golf

The Lightspeed POS system is essentially designed to make golf course management easy. Additionally, the solution has the right set of features and capabilities for enhanced control over your golf course operations. To begin with, the system features an integrated cloud-based scheduling and POS solution.

Secondly, the system is tailor-made to support your specific POS needs. In addition to that, the solutions packed with an array of golf course-specific capabilities, including:

Tee Management

As you are aware, managing tee sheets is one of the cumbersome management tasks that a gold owner has to handle every day. However, this does not have to be complicated and time-consuming. With the lightspeed golf course POS solution, creating and managing tee sheets will be a breeze.

For instance, the system allows you to create unlimited categories on your tee sheets. Additionally, it makes it possible for you and the members to book and reorganize tee times instantly.

Online Platform Integration

Just as is the case with other types of businesses, taking yours online will create a new revenue stream. Additionally, it will make it more convenient for your golf club members to browse through your offering and book for games ahead of time. With this integration, your customers will be able to pay online.

Alternatively, the members May schedule their bookings online and then pay when they check-in at your pro-shop. Integrating an online platform with your Lightspeed golf course POS system allows the inventory and reporting to sync in real-time.

Member Reporting

With this system implemented in your golf course, you will also be able to keep track of the golfer’s habits from the POS system.  For instance, the customer reporting feature if the system will let you know the much each golfer is spending and on what.

In this regard, the built-in CRM capability of the system will automatically collect important member information. The system collects such data as the member’s playing history and emails for targeted marketing. All in all, such features will help you control green fees and no-show eventualities in your golf course.

Lightspeed Retail POS System Downsides

The user interface on the Lightspeed POS register is rather crammed up and busy.

2. The Best PCI-compliant Golf Course Management System: Teesnap

Get your business a web-based golf course management system that is affordable and highly effective at what it does. In addition to offering you PCI-compliant POS software, Teesnap features customer relationship management (CRM), integrated tee sheet, and online tee time management capabilities.

This system will help you manage your golf course activities like scheduling, sales, reporting, and marketing more efficiently. The effectiveness of Teesnap at managing golf courses may be attribute to its unique feature suite, offering you such capabilities as:

Native Tablet App

As mentioned earlier, the Teesnap golf course PIS system allows owners and members to do almost everything online. To make this more convenient for them, the provider offers a native table application. This app is mainly designed to push updated automatically, without the intervention of your IT staff.

Additionally, the solution allows your golf club members to manage their golfing operations from virtually anywhere. Through the Teesnap admin portal, you will be able to view course activity, change tee times, and even create promotional campaigns. You may access this portal using any internet-enabled device.

Sales Portal

With Teesnap golf course POS system, you will be able to set up a sales portal for the business in accordance with your preferences. You can then give your channel partner direct access to the portal, allowing them to sell their tee times. However, you will still have complete control over the booking restrictions and partner rates on the sales portal.

Teesnap POS System Downsides

The system lacks loyalty programs and payroll management capabilities.

3. The Most Intuitive Golf Course POS System: ForeUP

ForeUp offers golf course owners and members enhanced ease of use and a powerful blend of management, sales, and marketing tools. The provider offers your business a solution that is industry-specific and tailor-made to address your golf course requirements. To begin with, the provider offers you a cutting-edge cloud-based POS solution.

As such, you will be able to view as well as manage the course more efficiently from wherever you are. Additionally, the system is packed with a myriad of relevant capabilities, such as:

Simplified Member and Customer Management

If you are looking forward to offering your guests an experience that will keep them wanting even more, the foreUP system will come in handy. With this solution, all the customer and member accounts in your golf course will be completely integrated into the ForeUP platform. As such, it will be easier for you to view their loyalty points balances, transaction history, passes and required payments at a glance.

Again, the system makes it easy and more convenient for you to engage with golf club members and customers to the pro-shop as soon as they walk in. The ability to interact with each member and customer at a personal level will, in turn, boost customer loyalty in the business.

Enhanced Mobility

The foreUP POS solution for golf courses will ensure that you are never tied down by business operations. In this regard, the system allows you to accept orders and process customer payments on the go. Again, the cloud capability of the system ensures that you can access all it’s management tools remotely.

ForeUP POS System Downsides

Tracking the specific sales to a specific individual is not straightforward. Again, the system lacks some reposting capabilities.

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Golf Course POS System

Ranging from the dining room to the driving range, merchandise to marketing, you will need technology that allows you to manage and grow the golf course business. Additionally, your preferred system should be intuitive and capable of interacting with all business transactions in real time.

For instance, the golf course POS system you choose should offer such capabilities as inventory, sales, employee, and customer management. Even if you need a system for the smallest ‘mom & pop’ or to manage a multi-course national golf business, you need to invest in an industry-specific system.

Still confused about which golf course POS solution to go for?  Here are some of the things you should consider while shopping for one:

Sales Capabilities

Just as is the case with any other golf course, you will need to sell an array of items in your business. For instance, you will need to sell Tee-Times, cart fees, green fees as well as an assortment of retail products. This being the case, you need to choose a POS that features the right golf course sales tools.

To begin with, the system should let you apply scheduled rates for cart fees and green fees. Additionally, it should allow for enhances customization of the sales capabilities. In this regard, a system that allows you to create ‘quick sale’ shortcut keys will speed up transactions. While ringing up sales, the system should you to input products details in several ways.

Most of the leading golf course POS systems will let you type product codes manually, scan a bar code or feed in the details through a touchscreen. For the purpose of sales history monitoring, and customer billing, your preferred system should be capable of tying each sale to an account.

In addition to these, there are several other sales capabilities a golf course POS system should have:

  • Pro-rated Rain Checks – the rain checks generated by your POS solution should be pro-rated and assigned a monetary value, based on the number of holes played. Again, the checks need to feature a unique code to prevent duplication. With such checks, the balance will be simply deducted from the current green fee at the redemption.
  • Event Tracking – this capability is essentially designed to help you know how much revenue was generated at each of the sales locations in your golf course.


Member Management

As you may be aware, managing your golf club members effectively is not an easy task, especially if you do not have the right technology. To make this easy, you need to get a POS system that features member management capabilities as well.

A golf course POS member management capability should be capable of handling such things as season pass holders, membership dues, prepaid programs, and credit books. Additionally, the system should also be capable of integrating loyalty programs and smart card tracking.

The right solution for your business should allow the members to view reservations on the Tee sheet. Similarly, it should allow them to invite other members and unlimited categories that have custom playing rights. Again, the system should also make it easy for you to monitor membership life cycles.

Inventory management

The POS system you settle for should also be able to manage the inventory in your golf course. In this regard, you will need such POS capabilities as support for unlimited products and suppliers, seasonal and tier pricing. Additionally, the system you choose should integrate purchase orders, and feature real-time updates of inventory levels.

The system should also support UPC codes or allow you to print your own price tags and bar codes. This is supposed to make it easy for you to upload the golf course inventory to the POS system. Adding, removing or editing the inventory item should also be easy.

Final Verdict

Without the right technology, managing your golf course, pro-shop and golf club will be a cumbersome, and time-consuming task. In addition to making such management tasks easier, the right POS solution will keep the customers and members engaged, and help you promote your offerings to them more effectively.

The three POS solutions reviewed in this guide are some of the best industry-specific options in the golf industry. Whether you are looking for an affordable or a feature-rich management solution, this guide will help you choose the best golf course POS system.

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