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Running a bakery isn’t for the faint of heart. Customers want their croissants and bagels hot and they want them early. When the doors open and the morning rush hits, it hits hard. Service speed is critically important. Considering the challenges involved in running a bakery, it’s essential to use the right software to automate certain tasks.

The best bakery POS systems should offer features like recipe and ingredient management, detailed inventory tracking, and customizable menu management. Your system should integrate with a tablet for mobility. Finally, your bakery software should offer offline mode so your system doesn’t go down when the Internet is down. 

Ease of use is incredibly important given the need for speed. Also, customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing features are essential to driving growth and keep your customers coming back.

Below we review a number of POS systems that offer features specific to bakeries. We’ll cover the strengths of each system and help you pick a solution, whether you need advanced features or just looking for a simple solution for your small bakery operation.

Top 5 Bakery POS Software Solutions

Below, we provide full reviews of our top six picks for the best POS system for bakeries. Before diving in, let’s take a look at the systems that landed on our list.

1. Lightspeed Restaurant: Best Overall Bakery POS System

2. Tillpoint: Most Feature-Rich System and Best Value for the Money

3. KORONA POS: Most Scalable Bakery POS Solution

4. eHopper: Best POS System for Small and Growing Bakeries

5. GOFRUGAL: Best Cost-Saving POS System for Bakeries

Side-by-Side System Comparisons

POS System
Starting Software Cost
Customer Support Availability
Mobile Access
24/7 customer support
24/7 customer support
24/7 customer support
24/7 customer support
[Equates to around $30/month]
24/7 customer support

Comparing the Best Bakery POS Systems

1. Lightspeed Restaurant: Best Overall Bakery POS System

Lightspeed is an industry leader in the POS market. In addition to its original, retail POS system, it now offers a Lightspeed Restaurant. This system comes in a number of versions, one of which is designed to meet the unique needs of bakeries.

Lightspeed Restaurant for bakeries delivers tons of features that increase service velocity and revenue generation. This helps bakeries serve more customers in less time and drive business growth. The system is cloud-based but features an offline mode so users can keep tending to customers if their internet connection dies.

The system also comes with customer loyalty and rewards programs, marketing features, and robust reporting. It even provides built-in PCI compliance and fraud prevention to expedite payment processing. However, a few features stand out and helped Lightspeed Restaurant land at the top of our list. The bakery POS solution revolves around speed and the following system capabilities ensure rapid service and satisfied customers.

Ease of Use

Users consistently rave about how easy to use Lightspeed is and for good reason. Its modern, intuitive interface includes promotes that minimize the steps needed to complete routine functions. This allows employees to swiftly take and process orders and payments.

Free One-on-One Onboarding and Training

The system is already easy to use, but not everyone is tech-savvy. To address that, Lightspeed offers free one-on-one onboarding to all customers, regardless of the plan they chose.

Users also have access to free training webinars, videos, and unlimited 24/7 customer support. This ensures that even the non-tech savvy can use Lightspeed Restaurant with ease.

Menu Management

Menu management is simple and quick, with various features that further increase speed of service. Menus are customizable, allowing bakery employees to leverage pre-configured menu modifiers to rapidly process custom orders.

Plus, unlike many restaurant POS systems, Lightspeed Restaurant offers users free menu templates. This gives bakeries the ability to create their own professional-looking menu designs without having to pay a graphic designer.

Quick Service Mode

Lightspeed Restaurant users can choose to use the system’s default Tale Service Mode, but that’s better suited for full-service restaurants. Alternatively, they can opt to turn on Lightspeed’s Quick Service Mode, which is better suited for speed and quick-service restaurants.

Quick Service Mode doesn’t allow users to leverage all system features. But that’s not a problem for bakeries because they normally don’t need those features. The value delivered by Quick Service Mode comes from a simplified order screen that facilitates a faster, streamlines order-to-payment workflow.

To learn more, read our full Lightspeed Restaurant POS review.

2. Tillpoint: Most Feature-Rich System and Best Value for the Money

Tillpoint may not be a restaurant POS system you’re familiar with, but it should be. It’s an incredibly powerful system and consistently receives among the highest user reviews of any system in the POS space.

Tillpoint produces a bakery POS solution that’s packed with features at a shockingly-low price point. But there is one thing in particular that Tillpoint does, which you’ll rarely to never see. Each of its system packages is priced based on the number of users, POS terminals, and stores you have—not on which features you receive.

Every Feature for Every Customer

Every Tillpoint customer receives every system feature available. You don’t have to upgrade to a higher-priced plan to get “advanced” features.

Those advanced features are available to a bakery for as low as $29/month. In short, it has more features than most other systems and you receive every last one of them regardless of the pricing tier you’re on. As you look around and evaluate bakery POS systems, and POS systems in general, you’ll rarely, if ever, come across this.

Bakery Feature Set

Tillpoint’s bakery feature set is impressive, to say the least. The sheer scope of what a small bakery can receive for $29 per month is staggering. You’re not obligated to use them all, obviously, but if you ever need to, you can free of charge.

Take a quick look at some of these features and note the ones with an asterisk—those are almost never included in a base package:

  • Customizable shop/floor plan
  • Customizable menu
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Ingredient-level inventory management
  • Bakery expenses management
  • Custom receipt printing
  • Customizable special offers
  • Quick service mode
  • Menu management and modifiers
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Kitchen display system
  • Employee management and timesheets
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Automatic purchase orders
  • Supplier management capabilities
  • Price list management

Additional Features Included

On top of the bakery-specific features listed above, every Tillpoint customer has access to the following features at no additional cost:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping capabilities
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Supplier and purchase order tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Custom purchase quotes
  • Delivery tracking
  • Product catalogs
  • Transaction limits
  • Marketing capabilities
  • In-house accounts
  • Custom system fields
  • Customer social media account tracking

3. KORONA POS: Most Scalable Bakery POS Solution 

KORONA POS, aside from being an easily scalable bakery POS solution well-suited for growing businesses, offers superior customer-centric operating practices. Simple yet effective order management, powerful inventory tracking, and overstock notifications are selling points for bakeries. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Highly-Scalable with Multi-Store Management

KORONA POS is equally effective for small bakeries and large franchise bakery businesses. It delivers all the standard features new, small, and growing bakeries need. It also grows with your bakery allowing you to add additional features as you need them.

Bakeries with multiple locations can manage every storefront’s data from a single dashboard; it’s all stored in the same database. If you want to open a new location, simply purchase an additional bakery POS terminal.

Bakery POS Reporting

KORONA POS is equally effective for small bakeries and large franchise bakery businesses. It delivers all the standard reports you’d expect from a restaurant POS system. But it goes the extra mile with tons of value-added reports, including the most detailed product-level reporting in the restaurant POS industry.

You can maintain granular insight with single employee shift reports. Alternatively, you can take it up to a high-level view with reporting around annual revenue, sales, and sales trends. Additional report options allow you to monitor:

  • Sell-through rates
  • Time-based sales performance comparisons
  • Average transaction amounts
  • Product popularity and turnover rates
  • Customer conversion rates
  • Gross margin ROI on individual menu items
  • Product-specific scorecards
  • Foot traffic volume

Customer-Centric Operating Practices

KORONA POS delivers the best customer experience in the POS space. The company goes out of its way to ensure customers are satisfied. This is an incredibly smart business move. Satisfied customers become loyal customers who provide you with repeat business and reliable revenue.

To give you an idea of the lengths the company goes to please customers, consider the following considerations KORONA makes for its customers:

  • Unlimited free system trail Sell-through rates
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • No contracts—cancel any time you want
  • Free, personalized product demos
  • No hidden fees or charges (flat-rate pricing)
  • No payment processing agreements
  • 24/7 in-house reporting (no outsourcing)
  • Significant value for its price point

To learn more, read our full KORONA POS review.

4. eHopper: Best POS System for Small and Growing Bakeries

Many reasons led us to name eHopper the best bakery POS software for small and growing businesses. Above all, it’s a feature-rich system at a great price point. The company even offers a free version, which is perfect for startup or bootstrapped bakeries.


It’s hard to beat a price point of zero dollars. eHopper offers multiple packages at increasing price points. But the most expensive package, which includes all available features, costs $99 per month. Although eHopper regularly runs discounted pricing, allowing users to acquire the system for only $39 per month. It’s a perfect option for small bakeries with little capital to spare.

Ease of Use

eHopper is extremely easy to use, which also makes it great for new bakeries with little or no knowledge of POS systems. New users can learn the system in no time and be using it within a day.

Additionally, eHopper’s customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any problem users do run into can be quickly solved by a reactive support team.

Features Built for Bakeries

Although eHopper offers POS systems for a variety of business types, it produces one specifically for bakeries. The system includes features that only bakeries and similar establishments would benefit from as well as general features bakeries need.

Here are a few of those to give you an idea of what you’d get for such a low price:

  • Custom order management
  • Ingredient management
  • Inventory management
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Built-in marketing tools
  • CRM capabilities
  • Various payment methods
  • Employee management
  • Tip management
  • Incentives for paying with cash
  • Multi-location management
  • Can be used in multiple languages
  • ROI calculator
  • eCommerce capabilities
  • Digital signage
  • Self-order kiosk

5. GOFRUGAL: Best Cost-Saving POS System for Bakeries

Serving bakeries in over 60 countries, GOFRUGAL’s bakery POS solution had officially entered the POS ring. The system includes a variety of bakery-specific features that streamline operations and increase service speed. Let’s take a glimpse at a few to underscore why it landed on our list.

Supplier and Inventory Management

It’s easy to maintain constant insight into inventory stock levels with GOFRUGAL’s inventory tracking features. Plan ahead for the week with GOFRUGAL’s with accurate predictions of inventory usage for the week to come based on previous sales data.

The system knows when certain ingredients start to run low and can automatically order more to replenish your stock. Plus, bakeries can track which items come from which suppliers and even monitor inventory levels from GOFRUGAL’s mobile app. Finally, the system’s inventory reporting features are among the most robust in the quick-service restaurant POS industry.

Wastage and Expired Goods Tracking

Every ounce of food that is discarded due to expiration dates or unserved, cooked baked goods costs bakeries money. GOFRUGAL offers real-time tracking of food wastage to minimize waste.

The system also tracks expiration dates on inventory items that arrive and can send alerts when a stocked item is about to expire. This lets you use that stock to create daily discounts on items that are still very edible but were prepared with ingredients that were about to expire.

It’s a great way to minimize revenue loss through being conscientious of the food you use so you can plan inventory purchase orders properly.

Additional Bakery Features

GOFRUGAL’s bakery POS includes plenty of features, among which are customer feedback channels to maintain your finger on the pulse of bakery performance results. You also get recipe management, marketing features, CRM capabilities, accounting, robust reporting, loyalty programs, delivery management, and even accounting features.

Bakery POS Buyer’s Guide

When shopping around for a bakery POS system, it’s important to understand certain system aspects and look for specific features. We compiled a comprehensive buyer’s guide that will help you prepare yourself for evaluating systems. Below, we discuss what to consider and look for in a bakery management solution.

Why Do You Need a POS System?

Using a restaurant POS system provides many benefits. Bakeries, for example, must accommodate the morning rush—and lunch crowd if they serve meals—speed is everything. Today, most processes are done digitally, and bakeries increasingly use POS systems to automate tasks and streamline processes.

In short, POS systems help bakeries serve more customers in less time by expediting service. In doing so, they increase revenue growth and profitability. Plus, if you run a bakery and you don’t use a POS system, you’ll quickly fall behind your competition.

Essential POS System Features for Bakeries

Competition in the POS industry is fierce, with different types of systems developed for different industries. Retail and restaurant POS systems are the most common, but a general restaurant system likely won’t have all the special features bakeries need. Below, we cover some essential software features to look for while evaluating POS solutions for your bakery.

Mobile POS System

The POS systems of today are increasingly using tablets and other mobile devices rather than plugged-in computers. They function through an internet connection and store data in the cloud.

Mobile access helps employees can expedite service in various ways. They can walk from behind the counter and take orders from people waiting in line. They can even process credit and debit card payments with mobile card readers.

When your guest arrives at the counter, their order should already be prepared and waiting for them. Mobile POS systems also allow owners and managers to make system changes and check reporting while offsite—all they need is internet connectivity.

Offline Mode

If your POS solution is a mobile system—and we recommend you take that route—the system runs the risk of shutting down if your internet signal dies. If that happens, your business will come to a halt until internet access is restored.

Offline mode is a feature offered by many bakery POS systems. It allows you to continue using your system without the internet. Data is temporarily stored on the devices you use. You can even continue to process credit card payments. Once your signal returns, that data is instantly sent to the cloud and permanently stored there.

Ingredient-Level Inventory Management

Bakeries sell a multitude of baked goods and each requires different ingredients to produce. Some ingredients go into most items, such as flour and sugar. Other ingredients are item-specific, such as fruit filling, glaze, nuts, etc. Similar to running a pizzeria, it’s important to always have the ingredients you need at your bakery in stock.

Ingredient-level inventory management automatically tracks the amount of each ingredient you use. The best systems will include recipe management features so each time you sell a croissant, it will deduct the amount of flour used to produce that croissant from your inventory count. Once any respective ingredient’s inventory drops below a specified level, the system should send you an automated alert to order more, or automatically send a purchase order for you.

Intuitive User Interface

Because speed is so important to a bakery’s success, the POS system you select should be easy to learn and use. Every screen tap you make to complete a system function delays you a few seconds. An intuitive system that makes it easy, fast, and simple to complete system functions speeds up your operation and helps you serve more customers.

Customer Relationship Management

Bakery customers often return to the same bakery on a routine basis to replenish the bread or other baked goods they keep at home. CRM capabilities allow bakeries to form personal relationships with customers by capturing and storing loads of personal and purchase history data.

They use that data to form customer profiles that display this information. Employees can use this data to know which items specific customers regularly purchase. If you’re running a discount on that item, you can mention that to the customer, increasing the likelihood that they will buy more.

Moreover, the data stored in a CRM can be used for marketing purposes. Bakeries can send personalized marketing communications to segments of customers based on specified characteristics, increasing repeat business, and recurring revenue.

Marketing Features

With all that data collected by your CRM functionality, you can run personalized marketing campaigns targeting specific segments of customers. Marketing is an essential element of business growth. It helps spread the word about special offers, discounts, and raise brand awareness in general.

Menu Management

Bakeries often feature seasonal items or change their menu to remove items that aren’t selling and place new treats on the menu. You need the ability to easily make menu changes in your system so look for a solution that includes menu management features.

Custom Order Management

If you sell special, custom items like birthday cakes ordered to certain specifications, you’ll need custom order management capabilities. The best bakery point of sale solutions will include customizable order modifiers that you can configure into the system. When someone calls for a special item you don’t normally sell, you’ll be able to easily enter the order into the system without having to talk to the chef.

Online Ordering

Depending on the type of bakery you run, online ordering capabilities can provide a great boost to your bottom line. If you take many orders via telephone, giving your customers the ability to order online removes multiple steps from the process.

The best POS systems for bakeries offer eCommerce sites that allow customers to view options and even place custom orders online. If your site or mobile app can process credit card payments, customers can also pay for their orders online. They’ll receive a notification when their order is ready and only need to swing by to pick it up.

Employee and Payroll Management

Bakery managers must complete a variety of administrative tasks when it comes to managing employees. These include shift scheduling, wage calculation, distribution of payment, etc.

If you select the right POS system for your bakery, these processes become automated and managers no longer complete them manually. Plus, employees can clock in and out and their time is tracked and accumulated for each pay period. The amount of time this saves managers is significant as they can then spend that time on more important tasks.

Accounting Features

The majority of POS systems don’t include built-in accounting features. However, some do, which is a huge benefit for bakeries. It eliminates the need to pay an accountant or purchase a license for a third-party accounting app.

Most systems offer integrations with accounting software like QuickBooks instead of including accounting as an out-of-the-box feature. Either way, bakeries need accounting capabilities to ensure their books are always accurate in case of an audit.


It’s difficult to find a POS system with all the software features your business requires. So, to fill those feature gaps, bakeries and other businesses rely on integrations with third-party applications to complete the processes they can’t complete with their POS system. When evaluating systems, look for one that allows you to integrate the apps you need to fill those gaps.

Reporting and Analytics

Every business needs insight into its performance results and other metrics to make informed, data-driven decisions. To do so, your POS solution must include powerful reporting and analytics. This allows your system to track those metrics, analyze them, and provide you with reports full of actionable insights.

Systems include various types of reports and those vary depending on the system you use. Important reports to look for in a bakery management system include inventory reporting; sales, revenue, and forecast reporting; wastage reports that let you maintain insight into how much stock is being sent to the trash; and reporting on employee performance.

Customer Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Your CRM capabilities will help you deliver a better customer experience. That will lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction, which results in increased revenue.

One great way to achieve this is through loyalty programs that reward loyal customers with discounts, special offers, etc. Bakery owners should seek out a system with built-in customer loyalty programs to ensure their best customers continue to frequent their establishment.

Best of all, you won’t need to purchase physical punch cards or any other type of loyalty card and ask customers to carry them around. That lowers the usage of your loyalty program. Instead, POS systems save all this data digitally, removing a burden from the c customer and streamlining the process for everyone involved.

Self-Order Kiosks

Although self-order kiosks are not a feature but rather a piece of POS hardware, it’s important to mention them here. They must be purchased separately but are well worth the investment. They are free-standing displays where customers can browse the items you sell, select the ones they want, and place an order themselves.

Customers can also pay for their orders with kiosks. They’ll receive a ticket with a number, which they’ll use to retrieve their order when it’s ready.

Meanwhile, the order is immediately sent to the POS system so employees can start preparing it. Then, your number will be called, and you can grab your food. This eliminates long lines of customers and expedites service even further. Learn more about POS hardware components.

Which Bakery POS System Will You Choose?

Every bakery is different and so are their needs. You might run a tiny cake shop or a franchise bakery. Your needs will determine which system is best for you.

If you’re looking for power, speed, and reliability, and can afford the slightly higher price point, Lightspeed Restaurant is a good choice. On the other hand, if you’re a startup bakery with little extra capital, eHopper could be the best fit for you.

If your bakery requires the entire spectrum of bakery POS features but doesn’t want to shell out big bucks, Tillpoint is a great fit. Inventory management is critically important for bakeries.

If you’re ambitions and looking to grow your bakery and open new locations, we’d suggest KORONA POS for its scalability.

Finally, if you’re environmentally- and cost-conscious and aim to waste as little food as possible, GOFRUGAL could be right for you.

Ultimately, it depends on what you need and how you run your business. Do your due diligence, take your time, and the right system will present itself.

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