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gift shop posRunning a gift shop poses many challenges, most notably competition from other physical stores and online retailers. To beat the competition, you must use tools that help you think outside of the box.

By using a POS system, you’ll be able to do just that. By using software to track which items sell best, you’ll be able to narrow down your most popular items and stock up on the winners. You’ll also be able to avoid sitting on dead inventory. Set alerts for low inventory so you can restock through your vendors, right from the POS software.

To compete, you’ll need to display eye-catching promotions in your physical store. But what about specials and promotions for your online store? By using a customer loyalty feature that most POS providers offer, you’ll be able to text or email your clients and keep them coming back to buy (whether they prefer to purchase in-store or online).

After comparing several choices, we believe Korona POS is the best gift shop POS system. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution with real-time reporting, an integrated payment system, and inventory management, choose Korona. If you’re a smaller gift shop just starting out, opt for GiftLogic.

Let’s take a deep dive into each gift shop point of sale system so you can cut down on paperwork, over-ordering, and simple tasks that can be automated. Let the software handle retail tasks while you get back to serving your customers well.

Comparing the Best Gift Shop POS Systems

Call-in Quote
Depends on preferred gateway
Quoted Prices Only
$99/mo for 36 months
Dependent on Processing
Quoted Prices Only
$99/mo for a single terminal
and 5 employees
2.6% + $.10 per transaction.
Offers Bundles that
work with PCs, Macs and iPads,
starting at $360
$99/mo per store location
Defaults to Authorize.
Net w/ fee of 2.9%
+ $.30 per transaction
Single touchscreen terminals
start at $1899
$75/mo for unlimited
terminals throughout
your store
2.7% per transaction

1. Best Overall Gift Shop POS System: Korona

KORONA POS is designed specifically for gift shops with vast inventory management, product reporting, employee management, and more. Whether you have a stand-alone operation or are a gift shop in a museum, zoo, or theme park, the software offers a complete solution.


Inventory Management

Gift shops typically come with a vast inventory, so great inventory management is critical. With KORONA gift stores get stock notifications, automated ordering, minimum and maximum order levels, vendor management, and more.

Keep your stock at optimal levels at all times. You can also use your inventory to determine pricing and promotions. It’s easy to make changes that are immediately reflected in your point of sale.

Staff Management

Each POS user will have a unique account so gift show owners can print individual shift reports. Plus, the point of sale only allows certain permissions to each user that are fully customizable. Control drawer access, pricing edits, no sale tenders, voiding & comping, and more.

Cloud Software

KORONA gift shop POS is built in the cloud so all changes are made in real-time. Because nothing is stored on-site you never have to worry about data security or losses. And users can access the backend of the software from any Internet-connected device.

The cloud software is a subscription service. Like most POS software, KORONA charges a monthly fee for users and includes automated updates as they’re released.


The software can be used for a single location or multiple locations around the country. All product data and analysis can be broken down by an individual store or looked at as a whole.

Gift shops can quickly upload their data from existing stores into new locations with CSV files.

Product Reporting

The inventory management system is paired with robust data analytics so users can get an in-depth look at individual product and overall performance. The reports can be produced and printed in seconds with hundreds of different KPIs to choose from.

In turn, the reports allow users to create promotions and discounts as well as optimize pricing. All changes can be made easily in the backend and are immediately reflected in the frontend.


KORONA isn’t a payment processor but integrates with all major processors. Users are able to find the solution that is the best fit for their business, and KORONA can integrate with existing solutions.

All modern payment machines are compatible with the gift shop point of sale, including contactless payments, like Apple and Android Pay, and EMV cards.

Customer Support

KORONA includes all customer support in the monthly subscription cost. Each user receives unlimited phone, chat, and email support to their in-house team. There is 24/7 emergency support by phone, too.

The POS is sent to users as an out of the box solution and no installation is required. And product specialists will assist with all training before the POS arrives.


KORONA’s gift shop POS starts at $49/month for each terminal. Additional modules are available for more niche features. All pricing is billed monthly with a discounted annual option. There are no contracts, fees, or cancellation penalties. Hardware pricing varies but the software integrates with various types of desktops, tablets, and peripherals.

2. The Best Out-of-the-Box Ready Gift Shop POS: GiftLogic

As the name suggests, GiftLogic is a great, ready POS system for gift shop operators. It boasts an easy-to-use interface geared towards gift shop owners, making it easy to locate and sell merchandise at the point of sale.

GiftLogic also includes several tools for customer relations initiatives, and several ways to integrate these tools with each other. This helps you and your staff supply a comprehensive experience across digital and in-store locations.

Because GiftLogic is meant for small gist shops, it works great with dedicated POS hardware as well as PCs and handheld devices. GiftLogic also offers extensive customer service to support shop owners with any technical issues.

Consider the following aspects of GiftLogic that might benefit your gift shop and your staff:

Inventory Management

GiftLogic is invested in making sure that you and your staff can manage inventory directly from the POS. That’s why the GiftLogic system includes several tools to help with that. You can include product images that will display when accessed by staff.

This allows them to compare an item against an inventory image for tracking or location. GiftLogic also includes the PurchasePal reorder system, which uses inventory information to suggest a schedule for inventory purchasing.

The GiftLogic POS also gives you the option to schedule discounts on items in inventory based on date or volume. This system also makes it easy to program X for Y pricing, for special promotions or bulk pricing needs.

If inventory control is a critical aspect of your gift shop (and of course it is), then GiftLogic is a great POS to consider.

Payment Processing

GiftLogic includes several options for payment processing. Credit card processing is easy, as Gift Logic partners with several processing partners. These partners include WorldPay, ChargeItPro, and Bluefin (among others).  In-store payments come with options for paper, text, or email eReciepts to reduce waste and speed up checkouts, making customers experience more pleasant.

Because of their digital integration and processing partners, GiftLogic makes it easy to accept online payments as well. Partners like Magento, 3dcart, and PinnacleCart make it easy for you to run an online store and accept payments easily.

GiftLogic POS System Limitations

That all being said, GiftLogic does have a few limitations. It isn’t as robust as some other options. For example, it doesn’t support extensive eCommerce integration outside of customer management and emailing lists.

However, if you’re looking for a purpose-built gift shop POS, the GiftLogic could fit your needs right out of the box.

3. The Best Gift Shop POS System for Reporting: Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail makes a point of targeting smaller retailers and Gift Shops with a POS system that gives gift shop owners a lot of control over their inventory and business operation. Lightspeed also provides several tools to help manage inventory and staff.

Lightspeed Retail also offers some out-of-the-box functionality for eCommerce. This includes integrated stock management and digital storefront software.

If you’re considering Lightspeed Retail for your Gift Shop POS, consider the following:

Customer Management

Lightspeed Retail includes several customer management options to help you drive customer engagement. One of these is its built-in suite of CRM tools that help strengthen your ability to engage your gift shop customers across several channels.

On top of that, you get the run of much-needed customer service tools that drive business. Use the POS to sell custom gift cards. Track customer sales history, both in-store and on any digital platforms. Allow customer to create accounts where they get special, targeted offers. Identify VIP customers and target them with rewards and discounts.

Lightspeed Retail will allow you to create a real connection with customers. Just because you run a gift shop doesn’t mean you don’t want repeat business.

Inventory and Delivery

Lightspeed Retail is a platform meant to help you manage your inventory. With the Lightspeed POS system, tracking and managing inventory is simple whether you are in your store, at the POS terminal, or on the go on your mobile device. This aspect is crucial for gift shop owners who need to track inventory with a lot of items.

Lightspeed allows you to create catalogs that include items with multiple variants. So, if you have identical items with different colors or attributes, Lightspeed can track them. Lightspeed also makes it easy to order stock directly from your POS. There isn’t a separation between inventory and the POS.

Lightspeed Retail POS System Downsides

Lightspeed can have a complexity issue. If you’re running a gift shop, the last thing you might want is a complex system. And with tools like CRMs, customer accounts, and eCommerce tools, you might find it to be a bit too much compared to something like GiftLogic.

However, if you are willing to invest a bit of time and effort in learning the system, its customer and inventory controls will pay dividends in terms of helping you grow your gift shop business.

4. The Best Gift Shop POS for eCommerce: Vend HQ

A gift shop POS should be able to cover multiple avenues, including online stores and sales. With the Vend HQ POS system, gift shops can extend their sales coverage to the digital realm with flexible eCommerce support and integrated tools that makes managing online stores easy.

Vend HQ also offers several options for staff management that gives gift shop owners more control over who they schedule when to maximize sales.

Here are some of the Vend HQ features that are specifically meant for gift shops:


Gift shops aren’t just small storefronts tucked into airports anymore. Many gift shops are extending their reach outside of traditional retail into the digital market. With Vend HQ, you can integrate and manage a linked eCommerce platform that syncs with your operation for seamless inventory and sales tracking. You can also use Vend HQ to manage preferred customers no matter where they shop from.

Staff Management and Support

Staff management is always an issue, and Vend HQ simplified this through a basic POS interface that brings together timeclocks, hours management, and sales performances.

More importantly, Vend HQ provides gift shops with a platform that lets them track sales performances of employees based on time of day, sales season, and customer types. This means that you can trace who sells better when, who your top performers are, and how to maximize your staff. Take control of your team to increase profits and productivity.

Cloud-Based Software

Because Vend HQ is completely cloud-based, you can access data wherever you are. Track staff and sales remotely. Check in on your eCommerce efforts from home. Take control of your operation—customers, staff, and inventory—from any computer connected to the web. Vend HQ puts that power in your hand.

Limitations of the Vend HQ System

Vend HQ doesn’t offer a lot in terms of service orders, which may or may not be important to your operation. The eCommerce platform has also been described as rather plain. However, it can easily integrate into other platforms, making it a flexible option.

5. The Best Gift Shop POS for Automation and Growth: CashierLive

CashierLive is great at what it does: provide a POS. This solid solution can make running your gift shop POS super easy, because CashierLive includes all the basic tools needed to do retail POS right.

This straightforward approach, however, leads us to say that CashierLive is great for new or growing businesses that need rock-solid support. CashierLive gives you great Multi-site options, and wonderful ways to automate reporting and sales so that you can work less on paperwork and more on building your business.

Multi-site Solution

CashierLive is priced to support multiple stores. Why is that? Well, many shop owners want to expand without having to consider the overhead of a POS. Some POS systems charge by-the-use, making licensing difficult for a single store—so forget about multiple stores.

CashierLive, however, does just this. Your licensing fee is per store, not per user, which makes calculating costs that much easier. What’s more, CashierLive easily integrates your inventory and reporting across all stores.

Reporting and Automation

CashierLive covers all the necessary reporting you need to handle daily management tasks. Cover profits, sales, hours, inventory, and more across all your buildings. Manage customer preferences and sales easily from a single interface.

You can also customize sales and merchandise based on the purchaser. This makes it easier to offer discounts for staff purchasing items from the store.

Finally, use custom reporting to handle non-traditional sales that might need their own tracking. Fundraisers, services, coffee or pastry sales, or other supplementary items can be tracked as easily as gift sales with the CashierLive system. CashierLive also offers extensive labels and tags to customize inventory and automate reporting.

CashierLive POS System Downsides

CashierLive is great for growing gift shops, and it is great at being a POS system that does just that—manage sales. If you are looking for more—eCommerce, easy payment processing, and other modern functions aren’t supported as well on CashierLive as other systems.

Features to Consider in Your Gift Shop Software

Fast, Secure Contactless Payments

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to checkout in a retail business. Your POS system should accept various payment methods and offer fast and secure payments. By using an EMV-compatible terminal, you can avoid fraud and incorrect transactions. Additionally, you want to ensure the payment processing provider you choose is PCI-complaint for the most secure transactions.

Inventory Management

Manage your stock by organizing your inventory. Track your best-selling items and get rid of dead stock. By running a report through the POS system, decide which items should be replenished. The right software will improve stock by balancing your inventory between multiple store locations.

Loyalty Programs

Entice customers with rewards and keep them coming back to your gift shop. The right POS will offer a tiered reward system for in-store and online purchases. Send promos to specific groups of customers and one-time deals. Design e-mail campaigns with built-in templates and keep in touch with your customer base through your gift shop software.


Offer your customers the opportunity to buy high ticket items and pay for them later. Increase sales by letting customers pay at a later date or by installments. Use your point-of-sale system to accept layaway payments, enter notes, pickup dates, maximum days for pickup, and minimum deposit amounts.

Custom Reports

Generate reports and track your total sales by day, week, or month. Track your best-selling items, best-performing salespeople and departments in real-time. Compare your net profit by current month or year to the last. Optimize your floor coverage and place employees where you need them most. Make educated business decisions based on analytics and data insights.

Vendors & Purchasing

Any retail POS system should offer the ability to view when stock is running low. The software should notify you when it’s time to re-order inventory, all of which should be done automatically or with one click. Define your own rules for reorders within the POS system based on your sales history. Some POS systems will even take vendor lead time and minimum purchase levels into consideration, helping you gauge when your products will be in.


Depending on your business needs, chances are you’ll need third-party integrations to go along with your POS system. Most point-of-sale software providers partner up with accounting, eCommerce, employee scheduling, inventory, loyalty, and various other types of integrations. All of these can be used in your gift shop to enhance your operation, helping you increase sales and serve your customers better.

Our Final Verdict

As mentioned earlier, gift shops need a fast and easy to use POS system that helps you manage the business better. By using cloud-based software, you’ll never lose data, even if your Internet connection goes down. The gift shop software you choose should offer advanced inventory management by color, SKU, and type of item.

More importantly, if you sell online as well, you’ll need the system to integrate with your website and offer an eCommerce integration. However, business management goes way past just selling your products. The right POS system will help you manage your staff, process payments easily, and generate reports on the fly.

Track your best-selling items and the ones that aren’t selling. This way, you’ll be stocking your shelves with the right items. For gift shops with multiple locations, make sure the POS you choose allows you to shift inventory between stores.

Don’t forget that your business depends on impressing the customer. Assist customers with choosing the perfect gift with special orders, even if you don’t have the item in stock. And, by using a loyalty program, you can reward your loyal customers by using a point system. Reward them for every purchase and keep them coming back to your store.

Want to be more mobile around your store and provide next-level experience? Consider using a tablet or another mobile device as you walk around with your customer. With an improved checkout process, you’ll be able to increase your sales and service.

Consider watching a number of demos from various POS providers before making the final decision. Every gift shop is different, so the features you’ll need may vary from those of your competitors. Finally, take into account the upfront cost of hardware components and the monthly software costs.

Choosing a POS system can be a difficult decision, but we're here to assist you. We don't just review POS systems; we provide complete buyer's guides that are tailored to your business type. Reach out to us to see how we've helped more than 5,000 business owners with POS solutions!